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Special price offer for Handilock Floats.  Limited Time Offer expires July 30, 2014.





Special price offer for Solar Reflective Beach Umbrellas. Limited Time Offer expires Aug 6, 2014.

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WMS Aquatics Presents the NEW ML300 Handicap Pool Lift

The ML300 is the latest addition to the comprehensive line of lifts offered by S.R. Smith. The ADA compliant ML300 is a cantilevered, fixed lift that is flange mounted on the deck.

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Fulfill Your ADA Requirements - Handicap & ADA Lifts

Is your pool, spa, or fitness facility compliant with ADA Regulations?

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Custom Starting Platforms

The Legacy Launch starting platform is custom engineered and built to be tailored to your facility according to precise specifications you define.

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WMS Aquatics Sells the Best in Swim Gear

From fins to goggles, WMS Aquatics has you covered in swim gear.

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View our Commercial Pool Construction Projects

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Our swimming pool products include a complete line of deck, mechanical, recreation, and competitive equipment for the public or private recreational swimming and waterpark facilities. We are committed to providing our clients nationwide with cost-efficient, high-quality aquatic products that satisfy their unique needs in an environmentally friendly manner at a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Read More ›