Aqualogix Max Resistance Fins Low Resistance

Aqualogix Max Resistance Fins Low Resistance

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Aqualogix Resistance Fins attach as a cuff on the ankle to provide lower body resistance in all planes of motion. They can be worn on the wrist to provide hands free upper body resistance benefiting users with hand or wrist injuries and limitations or in conjunction with the bells for added resistance.

The Green Fins provide the least resistance and are recommended for the unconditioned or those recovering from surgery on knees or hips or total joint replacement. Dynamic high-intensity, low-impact cardiovascular aquatic workout

  • • Engages your lower or upper body, legs or arms and core
  • • Strengthens, builds and tones muscles and burns calories more effectively than most land based workouts

• Allow for a fuller range of motion and coordination for injury recovery
• Patented Design.