SlideRenu® SlidePad 3'x5'

SlideRenu® SlidePad 3'x5'

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SlidePad™ is a single unit, high-density foam pad comprised of environmentally-safe, 100% recyclable AquaPebble™ polyolefin pebbles. AquaPebbles™ technology features a Heavy-duty, Chlorine & UV resistant polyolefin pebble material over a thick foam core and bonded to the foam base and sealed with clear chlorine resistant flexible coating; making SlidePad completely airtight.

Requiring no bolts screws or external fasteners, SlidePad provides a safer landing experience for the user.

  • Resilient to impact
  • Retains slip-resistant texture
  • Fade-resistant, low maintenance, and will not crack
  • Hygienic, fungistatic, and algae resistant
  • Easily adheres to any surface
  • Environmentally-friendly materials

Perfect for use at the end of slides, pool bottoms, and areas that benefit from a slip-resistant, safe, soft landing area.

Standard 2-1/2" thick Aquatic Blue color blend pads (as shown) in 3' x 5', 4' x 6' and 4' x 8'

SlidePad™ can be custom designed with your logo and/or color scheme as well as customized to any size or shape, even aquatic animals!

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