Eco-Friendly Solutions

Going green - it makes sense for the environment and for your bottom line!
  • ECO friendly products save in more ways than one
  • Improve energy efficiency and save on rising energy costs
  • WMS continually seeks out environmentally friendly products that meet our quality standards
  • Energy efficient pool lighting, heaters, pumps, save electricity or natural gas costs
  • Recycled plastic products help save our planet
  • WMS clearly identified environmentally friendly products in our catlaog and on the website with our "going Green" water drop symbol

Today's improvements in energy efficiency, automation, chemical alternatives, and technology can reduce your facility's impact on the environment while maximizing your profitability. In this section you'll find energy savers such as salt-chlorine generators, UV systems, LED light bulbs, and Acu-drive variable speed pumps.

With these, plus energy-efficient products in several categories like lighting, heating, and automation, you'll use significantly less electricity. You'll leave power for other uses and lower your overhead. And don't forget our line of new equipment made from recycled materials. Whenever material can be reused and diverted from a landfill, we're all better off.

These are only a few examples of the exciting products you can use in your facility. WMS Aquatics is committed to Going Green!  Isn't it about time you are too?

Our WMS Aquatics Sales Team can assist you with selecting the products that best fit your needs!

WMS Aquatics Green Product Line:

ChlorKing Salt Chlorinators

ChlorKing Ultraviolet Systems

Acu Drive XS VFD & Speck VFD

WhisperFlo Self-Priming Pumps

Look for the Raindrop Logo for other ECO Friendly Products.