Time to Check Your Drain Covers

December 2018 marks the ten-year anniversary of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Act, which mandated anti-entrapment drain covers and devices for all commercial pools, and spas.

In the past decade there is no doubt these devices have saved lives and as an industry we should be proud that we so swiftly and unanimously adopted measures to protect consumers.

Due to many factors associated with typical use, including chemicals and UV light, drain covers break down and need to be replaced over time (and ideally before they cause an issue).

According to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, the life span of drain covers can vary greatly.  They provide the following guidance for maximum life span.


5 years

Neptune Benson

10-15 years


20 years


5 years

Grate Ideas

10 years


7 years


7 years


20 years


25 years


7 years


Please note the dates above are only a guide and your team should check your drain covers as part of routine maintenance to ensure they are still structurally sound.

If you have questions about replacing your drain covers, or anything related to the safe operation of your aquatics facility, contact the experts at WMS Aquatics at 800.426.9460.