Desert Aire 2015 Community Pool

Desert Aire is a community located in central Washington next to the Columbia River and it is one of the driest places in the state. The Homeowners Association wanted to revamp their swimming pool complex and they called on WMS to help make that dream a reality. It started with a design calling for a custom built pool with many amenities. Among these were a lazy river, water dome, geyser, and a Shower Water Fall. This was also accompanied by a large zero entry wading pool for kids, and for the lap or competitive swimmers three lap lanes were included. This all totaled some massive 5,000 sq. ft. of pool, which is considerable for a small community.

Construction started in December and was off to a great start. We here at WMS Aquatics value keeping our projects as eco-friendly as possible. So, a Raypak Professional Heat Pump operates at 5 to 6 times the effciency of a standard gas, oil or electric pool heater. Another way we made sure to keep this project efficient was by installing a ChlorKing Low Pressure Ultraviolet System. This system sterilizes and oxidizes  water supplied to the toy features and eliminates harmful bacteria at a fraction of the cost.  As the project crept into the spring completion it stayed right on schedule and was turning into the beautiful pool that had been designed. Finally, a coat of Aquaguard 5000 was applied to the inside of the pool and at the end of May it was complete. Now children of all ages can play in a lazy river and enjoy the summer at the new and improved Desert Aire pool, courtesy of WMS Aquatics.