McMenamin's Anderson School Pool

The city of Bothell has currently undergone a major face lift. With about $350 million dollars in public and private money coming in, the city is going through the biggest downtown renovation in the state. The city is trying to give this growing area an urban feel and make it a vibrant community for younger residents. One company more than others understands this dynamic and is the best at bringing style to a location.

This company is McMenamins, what started as a pub is now a company with over 60 breweries, pubs, hotels, and distilleries. All their locations have a distinct and artistic vibe that makes it a unique place to go. Their largest project to date opened mid-October in Bothell with the help of us here at WMS Aquatics. The 5.41 acre property will be home to 72 rooms, restaurants, bars, a brewery, a movie theater, and our favorite part a full size pool. McMenamins specializes in giving old buildings a shot in the arm and injecting them with intriguing art, music, and updated structures. So it goes without saying that the Anderson School will be an anchor in the up and coming community of Bothell.

Now let’s get to what we do best, pools. McMenamins wanted to rejuvenate the old 50-meter pool that was part of the old school, make it a pool set at 92 degrees and open to the public, and free to residents of Bothell.  It has an open air concept with a pub overlooking the pool. Our priority was to make this pool a safe and clean environment for the guests. The depth was changed to accommodate a more spa like experience. McMenamins will be providing some of their trademark art and stylistic choices to make this pool truly a spa.

We started out with the barebones of the facility and replaced all the plumbing and filtration systems (Water Co). We also installed Pentair EQ Pumps, a ChlorKing UV System, and ChlorKing Salt Generation system. We coated it with Aquaguard 5000 and also added two handicap chair lifts from Aquacreek. These are some brands that are the most trusted in our field and will provide McMenamins with a exemplary pool. Since the water temperature for the pool is set at 92 degrees we wanted to install equipment that ran efficiently to save McMenamins money and make sure they are getting the most out of the chemicals they use in the pool. The project is finished, and we will be posting the finished pictures to our Facebook page soon.
We encourage you to go to and see for yourself. It is a beautiful 43 x 112 ft pool and is brought to you like always courtesy of WMS Aquatics.