Snohomish Aquatic Center

Walkarounds are a key part of getting to know our clients and we do them on every job. These lesiurely walks around a facility are an opportunity for us to impart (for free) our 45+ years of experience, making suggestions on improvements and enhancements, providing first-hand knowledge on how we or others have solved challenges and offering guidance on repairs, renovations and opportunities to integrate new products or solutions.

And even after all these years and hundreds of facilities served we often hear, "...but you guys don't do that" when it comes to a niche project. The truth of the matter is our construction expertise extends well beyond just aquatics and many of our most recent projects have included providing solutions to challenges on the peripheray of the pool. From concrete work to bathroom/locker room upgrades, you might be surprised at how often we confidently tell our partners "Yes, we can do that!"

This was the case at the Snohomish Aquatics Center where a job that started simply enough in the creation and installation of water features in their outdoor splash pad expanded into a custom diving board install a challenging grating project. All handled with aplumb by the team from WMS Aquatics.

One of the biggest challenges in performing work on a part of an existing facility is blending in the new with the "old." All reports from Snohomish point to the WMS team's incredible ability to match and blend the work around the dive tank, creating a seamless and visually pleasing experience for users.

No two pools are the same and no place is this usually more evident than in the corners. A careful look around even the most modern facility can often show signs of challenges in the corners, whether structural or aesthetic. The WMS team more than rose to the task in Snohomish, custom fitting Lawson grating corners.

Maxiflex Model B Competitive Diving Board

Interested in scheduling a walkaround of your facility? Our team can be reached at 800.426.9460.