SlideRenu® SlideCaulk™

SlideRenu® SlideCaulk™

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Long-term wear and tear on your water slides and aquatic attractions is inevitable; however, your park's most vital assets don’t have to show it. SlideRenu® has developed a specially-formulated line of water slide maintenance products to keep water slides and aquatic play features looking LIKE-NEW from opening day to closing day!

SlideRenu® SlideCaulk™:

  • Chemically reacts with moisture to bond with wood and fiberglass.
  • Forms watertight seals on joints above and below the waterline.
  • Dissipates stress by flexing with shock, vibration, swelling, or shrinking.
  • 10.3 oz tube covers approx. 100 lineal feet.
  • Offered in white only

*Please note this product will arrive as SikaFlex

SlideRenu® restoration products are recommended for use on fiberglass, metal, plastic and concrete surfaces. Perfect for, but not limited to, water slides, aquatic and soft play features, and water slide towers.