SlideRenu®  SlideSoap™

SlideRenu® SlideSoap™

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Long-term wear and tear to your water slides is inevitable; however, your park's most vital asset doesn't have to show it.

SlideRenu® has developed a specially-formulated line of water slide maintenance products to keep water slides and aquatic play features looking LIKE-NEW from opening day to closing day!

SlideRenu SlideSoap removes dirt, grime, and stains from any slide surface. Used regularly, prevents the build-up of surface contaminants and soluble salts. It is biodegradable, worker safe, with no VOC's and does not change the PH of pool water.

Use 6 oz of SlideSoap to 1 gallon of water = 1 gallon of mixed product, treats 500 square feet.

SlideRenu restoration products are recommended for use on fiberglass, metal, plastic and concrete surfaces. Perfect for, but not limited to, water slides, aquatic and soft play features, and water slide towers.