Taylor Service Complete FAS-DPD (Chlorine) Kit, K-2006C

Taylor Service Complete FAS-DPD (Chlorine) Kit, K-2006C

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Testing and monitoring pool & spa water quality is quick and easy with the Taylor Complete High Range Alkalinity and Chlorine FAS-DPD/CYA/Hardness/pH Test Kit.

This complete test includes everything you need to get accurate readings on your total alkalinity, free and combined chlorine, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, and pH. Easy to read color changes eliminate guessing and 2 oz. easy application bottles make for accurate treatment doses.

Equipped with a comprehensive water guide booklet for quick comparisons, a circular water gram for quickly recognizing where adjustment is needed, and a convenient case for easy storage, this test kit is essential for perfect pool and spa water chemistry.


  • 2 oz reagent bottles, Simple to use titration drop water testing kit
  • Provides fast and accurate water testing results
  • Tests for: Free and Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid and Base Demand, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity and Stabilizer levels