Myrtha Pool Technology

WMS Aquatics is proud to be the Northwest distributor for Myrtha Pools.

Myrtha® is simply the most exclusive and advanced technology in the swimming pool industry. Its patented pre-engineered modular system, based on the use of laminated stainless steel panels and buttress system, enables a Myrtha® structure to attain perfect waterproofing. Myrtha® Technology provides the ideal solution to the many limitations of traditional reinforced concrete structures and ordinary prefabricated swimming pools.

Thanks to Myrtha® Technology, Myrtha Pools® are able to realize, besides the traditional swimming plants, temporary pools which, on occasion of important events such as European or World Championships, can easily be installed in a sports stadium or a convention centre, giving the World of swimming the opportunity to make these competitions unforgettable events.

The Myrtha® technology is adaptable to fit every type of pool project. Myrtha® is suitable for both precise competitive situations as well as the most elaborate freeform pool design. A 50 year experience that guarantees the realization of 1500 pools per year with 300 for public use; more than 50 installations for International Swimming Events and references in over 60 Countries.

Myrtha Pools® can be built in a very short time, thanks to their pre-engineered design. The components are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards by automated machines and shipped directly to the building site. This facilitates a timely installation process that does not require  the use of heavy equipment and which reduces   significantly the risk of assembly mistakes on the  construction site.

Clients choose a Myrtha® pool because the purchase price is fixed and the through life costs are  predictable. Also, because the installation time is comparatively short compared with reinforced  concrete construction, the  risk of cost overruns is significantly reduced.

Unlike traditional constructions, Myrtha Pools® do not require a significant  maintenance schedule.  Sturdy, built to last, and not subject to dimensional variations; a Myrtha® structure will not suffer cracks or be susceptible to leaks and is not affected by the aggressive action of chlorinated pool water.

New technology, superior performance

RenovAction® is the patented and exclusive technology by Myrtha Pools®, based on the proven Myrtha Technology and specifically developed for the refurbishment of existing pools. The renovation process may include the walls, the floor covering, and the overflow gutter separately or in combination and it does not require any major demolition works.

Why refurbishment?

Renovation for planning requirements

Many obsolete and older installations require a total renovation from the original design. With RenovAction the design can be broadened, or changed to meet today’s design standards. There are many reasons to renovate: many installations do not meet current health code regulations and therefore require necessary adjustments and corrections; in other cases, refurbishment can be achieved by the owners in order to meet new design criteria even if the change is radical in nature. Recently, many competitive pools have been upgraded, and leisure components have been added to include freeform sections, lazy rivers, water play equipment and areas with hydro-massage and special equipment; finally many owners are driven to upgrade their facilities to change the filtration equipment and technology from a skimmer system to an overflow gutter technology.

Renovation for structural problems

Traditional pools, including reinforced concrete, gunite and shotcrete, over time develop structural problems that require significant maintenance and interventions, resulting in substantial investment. Frequently, maintenance is required due to the ground settling over time, which often results in breaking of pipes, damage to tiles and the failure of the structure being water-tight.

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