What Duraflex’s recent changes mean for you (and your diving boards)

Recently, Duraflex made 2 notable changes to their policies that may impact aquatics facilities like yours. We thought we’d take a moment to outline the changes and suggest how you can best move forward to keep your board(s) in peak condition.
Duraflex will no longer sell replacement parts online.
Like with any other piece of equipment, your Duraflex board(s) may require replacement parts over its lifetime. The team at WMS Aquatics is skilled at helping you identify the exact parts you need for your board. Please call our team at 800.426.9460 to order replacement parts…we are here to help!
Duraflex will no longer offer refinish services directly.
Boards not in top condition present a safety risk and taking them out of service is recommended by Duraflex (and WMS) as a way to avoid unnecessary injuries and/or liability issues. Thankfully, Duraflex boards can be refinished, adding years of life to your investment. If your maintenance routines reveal issues with your board(s), please contact WMS Aquatics immediately to make arrangements.
Important Note: Refinishing your board(s) can take 4-6 weeks. Keep that in mind as you plan for opening day or other special events.